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ViZi Budget Pro

3.5 usd

ViZi Budget is mutlifunctional finance application. It helps you manage personal or family budget. You can track your expenses and income in a whole and by categories and accounts. ViZi Budget could be used for - track your expenses and earnings - manage cash-flow and budget - plan income and expenses for any available categories - analyze your expenses and find all your money leaks - helps you to cut down unnecessary expenses - set financial goals
Graphical and data reports with additional filtering function - Cash flow report - Balance report - Budget report - Annual report - Category report
Additionaly - backup and restore - access by pin code - main screen customization - syncronization over dropbox
Widgets - with quick access button - 3 resizable widget
In case you need to see how your budget is implemented we added colored information to budget tab.If you spent less than 50% of your expense budget it shows green. if you spent more than 90% of your plan - it shows red. For Income budget it's vise versa.
You can create any categories/subcategories and accounts or edit ones already exists.It's easy to see details on category just tap to category and you will see budget, summary and last month info.
There are 200 currencies supported with on-line currency exchange rates. The main currency could be selected from settings tab.
Supported languages - English - German - Spain - Catalan - Russian